Повече размери за по-добро покритие и уплътнение
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The need for specially trained personnel for repair works and projects requires many of the companies and end users as well to seek such specialists or train their own staff. All of this requires time and investment of funds that could otherwise be transferred towards more important details or redirected into higher quality materials.

In such cases it is not recommended that you undertake to carry out the needed hydro insulation of the pipe crossings all by yourself, due to the danger of improper installation and therefore problems, stemming from bad insulation.

All of this applies for the complex and requiring special training methods for insulation of pipe crossings. DEKS’ flashings offer extreme ease of installation and thus, do not require any professional training for their installation. Thence you save time, efforts and most of all, money. You will be truly convinced in the ease of installation and the quality finish of the flashings when you comfortably browse through the installation videos that support many of the flashings in our range. Another convenient way to introduce yourselves into the product advantages is presented in the Dekstrip installation section.

See for yourself the advantages of the flashings and contact us for a free consultation!


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