Повече размери за по-добро покритие и уплътнение
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The team of “S & K Trading” Ltd. provides its customers with all services and advices required for proper flashing selection, installation instructions, warranty and after warranty service. If you have any questions, we are available to answer them and therefore ensure easy selection and flawless operation of the flashings. 

  • Contact us to advise you with regard to your individual projects – whether it comes to designing a comprehensive installation and setting the highest quality pipe and roof flashings, or to resolve specific situations and profiles requiring secure flashing, our team will provide the necessary support;
  • Depending on the specific needs, we will provide detailed instructions for installation in each case; we will visit your office to get acquainted with the specific subject in detail and offer the most appropriate solution;
  • In all situations that require professional intervention and further consultations, S&K Trading’s specialists will provide the necessary assistance as soon as possible;

Thanks to the experience gained over the years we know that the quality, durability and reliability of the flashings is an investment in the future and is a real form of savings, expressed in money saved on expensive repairs and maintenance. This is just one of the reasons to trust the quality we offer.

The functional and practical design of the flashings, as well as their simple installation allows everyone, regardless professional or not, to quickly and easily install any flashing from the DEKS range. You do not need any special skills or long-term training. All this contributes to the maximum availability of the flashings whenever you need to repair or simply renew your roof, as well as when a whole new roof covering is installed.

Visit our gallery and see the videos of our products that clearly illustrate the quality and ease of installation of the roof flashings.


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