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Материалът EPDM
EPDM flashing

The EPDM Material

EPDM: The universal solution

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene) monomer is embedded as one of the main materials of the DEKS roof flashings. The overall formula, constructing the flashings material is unique at its nature and is designed to be extremely durable for a maximum period of time even under the most adverse weather conditions. It should be emphasized that the composite, consisting the flashings is not 100% pure EPDM, as it is not in any flashing or other similar product. EPDM is the monomer, underlying in the material, with added additional ingredients which strengthen and improve the DEKS’ pipe flashings. This formula was created by the engineers of DEKS Industries Pty Ltd. in order to create the universal flashings.

Ethylene Propylene Diene monomer (EPDM) is extremely useful, because it has all the qualities and characteristics that are needed for perfect waterproofing qualities of the final products – it is resistant to ultraviolet (UV) and ozone, retains its qualities with almost no deviations for long periods of time, as at very high and very low temperatures and temperature variations; it is resistant to acid rains and has extremely high elasticity. These are just some of the properties of EPDM and logically are the best choice of material for sealing any external profiles and penetrations. One of the best evidences of the universality of the EPDM and its widespread use is the fact that the automotive industry uses exactly this material for production of all connections in the cooling system of the vehicle (water pump, thermostat, heater, radiator, etc.). Given the extreme conditions in which these components are placed, we can add that its application in all automobiles is extended to suit for the window, interior and trunk seals of the car. You can therefore easily make the conclusions for how high has to be the durability of these components in order to bear the chemical and thermal pressure that they are constantly exposed at!

Environmentally friendly

It has to be noted that while selecting the most convenient universal flashing, the question of its impact on the environment is more pressing than ever; that is why the requirements for these products are extremely high. Global standards require relatively different in their nature measures for sustaining the environment; still, they all strive for strict reduction of hazardous substances, released into the environment.

EPDM material significantly reduces harmful chemical effects on the environment mainly because of its very long period of operation. The negative impact of construction materials on the environment is expressed mainly throughout their production process and in the disposal. Therefore, increasing the overall sustainability of the roof not only extends its useful operation, but it also reduces the adverse environmental impacts.

The effect of EPDM to the environment is also reflected in its environmentally friendly nature, which does not emit any chemicals on contact with water, allowing fully safe utilization of rainwater for household use.

An investment in the future

In addition, the costs for maintenance and repair of the roof are cut more than 4 times, as EPDM-based flashings require almost no maintenance throughout their operational life. Their elasticity allows them to be suitable for all conditions; furthermore, they shrink or expand depending on these conditions, while maintaining their characteristics and qualities unchanged from beginning to the end of their guaranteed 20-year warranty period! 


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